Raw materials

Our company implement a wholesale supplies of bleached cotton and viscose for cotton products manufacturing, as special : cotton pads, cotton buds, cotton wool (Absorbent Cotton), hygienic tampons and strips. Current raw materials we offer on terms Ex Works (from our warehouse in Riga), which allow at first see and test the goods and after buy it. We also want to mark, that all production which we offer and supply accords to European Pharmacopoeia and available for the selling all around the world.

Photos of the production you can see bellow :

Beside of the selling, our company also makes all work with the goods logistic and documents preparing. In stock, we always have about 40 tonnes of the bleached cotton and 20-30 tonnes of the viscose.

For all need information, please contact us via e-mail or by phone.

Best Regads SIA "Mediteks".


In our product catalogue you can find products for medical, hospital and veterinarian purposes. At the moment we have more than 500 poroducts in our assortment.


Our company just start
selling of the cotton pads and cotton buds for cosmetic
purposes. All info can find
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